About IERA




Founded in 1993, the International Employment Relations Association (IERA) is an organisation which represents and serves academics, practitioners, students and others interested in Employment Relations.

The Association provides a forum:

  • that explores the relationship between Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and Organisational Studies
  • for academic and practitioner consideration of Employment Relations theory and practice
  • which fosters and promotes Employment Relations research
  • which encourages the study and teaching of Employment Relations

IERA holds regular conferences and symposiums and publishes academic journals in the broadly defined field of employment relations. IERA has two regional associations, PERA (which covers Asia Pacific) and IERA (Europe).


Past Conferences

1993 Sydney

1994 Churchill/Gippsland

1995 Waikato

1996 Lismore

1997 Sydney

1998 Wollongong

1999 Christchurch

2000 Singapore

2001 Singapore/Kuala Lumpur

2002 Gold Coast

2003 London

2004 Rockhampton/Yeppoon

2005 Aalborg

2006 Hong Kong

2007 Canterbury

2008 Bangkok

2009 Nijmegen

2011 Singapore

2013 Macau

2014 Darwin

2016 Melbourne



Past symposiums include

1998 Bologna

2000 Sydney

2000, 2001, 2002 San Francisco

2001 Christchurch

2009 Thailand

2010 Vanuatu


Life Members

Dennis Mortimer, Keri Spooner, Sue Bond, Geoff White, Chew Soon Beng, Robyn Johns,


Past Presidents

Dennis Mortimer (1993-98)

Keri Spooner (1998-2005)

Geoff White (2005-2008)

Chew Soon Beng (2008-2013)

Keri Spooner (2013-2014)


IERA Executive Officers 2016 – 2017

President Christine O’Connor, Federation University, Australia
Vice President (International) George Lafferty, Western Sydney University
Vice Presidents (General) Paul Nesbit, Macquarie University
Immediate Past President Keri Spooner, Wentworth Institute, Sydney
Secretary Dennis Mortimer, Wentworth Institute, Sydney
Treasurer Sue Bond, Western Sydney University
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Sue Burton, Western Sydney University


Contact Us

Inquiries to IERA can be made directly to iera_admin@iera.net.au or by mail:

International Employment Relations Association

PO Box 1428

Bakery Hill, VIC 3354



IERA Executive Officer:

Jacqueline Roetman (iera_admin@iera.net.au)


IJES Editorial Associate:

Virginia Furse (virginia.furse@bigpond.com)