PERA is a regional association of the International Employment Relations Association.  Its principal focus is to bring together academics, students and practitioners with a focus on teaching, researching, and practising employment relations in countries in the Asia Pacific region.  The region includes many diverse systems of employment relations in countries including Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Its membership is included as part of IERA membership for all those members located in the Asia Pacific region.


PERA Activities

PERA has held regular conferences and teaching and learning symposiums, including a very successful one in Melbourne in 2013. It has co-organised the 2014 annual conference in Darwin with IERA.

PERA will run a learning and teaching workshop in 2015 in conjunction with the 2015 IERA conference.

Previous PERA Conferences and Symposiums include: Melbourne (2003), Ballarat (2004), Rockhampton/Yeppoon (2005), Adelaide (2006), Sunshine Coast (2007), Ballarat (2008), Adelaide (2009), Gold Coast (2010 and 2011), Hervey Bay (2012), Melbourne (2013)

Executive Officers

President: Christine O’Connor (Federation University Australia)

Immediate Past President: Marjorie Jerrard (Monash University)

Secretary: Dennis Mortimer (University of Western Sydney)

Treasurer: Sue Bond (University of Western Sydney)


Past PERA Presidents include: Len Pullin (2003-2005), Dennis Mortimer (2005-2008), Marjorie Jerrard (2008-2012), Christine O’Connor (2012 -)