Iera (Europe)

IERA (Europe) is a regional association of the International Employment Relations Association.  Its principal focus is to bring together academics, students and practitioners with a focus on researching, practising and teaching employment relations in European countries.  The region includes many diverse systems of employment relations in countries in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Its membership is included as part of IERA membership for all those members located in the European region.


IERA (Europe) Symposium

IERA (Europe), jointly with the Work and Employment Research Unit (WERU), University of Greenwich, held a symposium in January 2015 at the University of Greenwich, Hamilton House. The symposium theme was: Central and Eastern European employment relations in perspective – history, geography and  variegation.

Executive Officers

President: Professor Paul Latreille, Sheffield University Business School

Secretary/Treasurer: Patrick McGurk, Principal Lecturer, University of Greenwich.