dr-p-nesbitDr Paul Nesbit     

Senior Lecturer    Macquarie Graduate School of Management

BioPaul L Nesbit has worked on the faculty of Macquarie Graduate School of Management for over 15 years, where he teaches courses in leadership development. He developed the popular elective subject Managerial Self-Development that helps managers reflect about their leadership performance and examines development strategies. His research focuses on self-development, self-reflection, and self-regulation in learning processes. He has published widely in academic journals and has worked with a number of organisations, public and private, in developing their managers. He currently sits on the editorial board of the Human Resource Development Review.

TopicDeveloping leadership skills: What do managers really need to develop?

Using a combination of reviewing research on the nature of changing leadership skills, media reports about leadership failures, reflections on my teaching of managers across the last decade, as well as my research on self-development of skills, I will examine the question of the leadership development and the nature of skills managers need to develop.