Bringing together academics, students and practitioners in the field of work, employment and organisational studies


International Employment Relations Association

Founded in 1993, the International Employment Relations Association (IERA) is an organisation which represents and serves academics, practitioners, students and others interested in Employment Relations.

The Association provides a forum:

  • that explores the relationship between Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and Organisational Studies
  • for academic and practitioner consideration of Employment Relations theory and practice
  • which fosters and promotes Employment Relations research
  • which encourages the study and teaching of Employment Relations
IERA holds regular conferences and symposiums and publishes academic journals in the broadly defined field of employment relations. IERA has two regional associations, PERA (covering Asia Pacific) and IERA (Europe).

21st IERA Conference rescheduled to 11-13 July, 2016 in Melbourne

The IERA Executive has been reviewing the operations and organisation of the association in the light of the decision taken at last year’s joint IERA/PERA Conference to integrate PERA into the operations of IERA.

As one outcome of this review, the 21st IERA Conference is being rescheduled to 11-13 July, 2016, in Melbourne.

July has been the regular time for IERA Conferences, and while the joint IERA/PERA Conference last year was held at the old PERA Conference time in November, the Executive is of the view that future conferences should be held in the July period. This time will make it much easier for academics from the Northern Hemisphere to attend, and will hopefully also avoid any scheduling clashes for those in Australia and New Zealand.

We apologise to any members whose plans may have been affected by the rescheduling, however we are confident that returning to the normal IERA conference time will ensure a bigger and more diverse conference. We look forward to welcoming you to Melbourne next July!